4 Biggest Trading Mistakes Crypto Newbies Make

Trading (trading on the exchange with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin) is a sort of activity that requires work to derive profits from the trading process. As in any different kind of activity, in trading, it is vital to develop specific characteristics necessary for achieving high proficiency, in particular, a rational mind and attentiveness.

Many come to the crypto-exchange, expecting to earn on a difference in the exchange rate instantly with minimum effort. However, reality makes its arrangements, and an amateur trader may soon be discouraged in this kind of activity.

The cryptocurrency trading world works as an intricate network of investing possibilities, buying and selling, trading on various platform. The facts behind being successful are not much different than what you would remark when trading Forex, stocks and so on.

You need to be consistent when it comes to news and basics. But, to get the best results, you’ll also need to know what not to do when trading crypto to be profitable in the long run.

Here are some common mistakes committed by the newbies in the market. Read them thoroughly so that you do not lose your money to silly mistakes like these.

• Lack of Research



The most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day, it is you who are utilizing the hard-earned cash to buy cryptocurrency. If you don’t get the product or the cost, and you’re only hearing the “specialists” on Medium, Slack, Twitter, and Exchange who tell you when to purchase and sell, you are getting yourself into great trouble. And because of the same, you will lose a lot of money.

Make sure you follow the product and the value of what you expect to do. Because if you fail to do so, you won’t be able to make further calculations of your commodity. If your choice to purchase a currency depends on the judgment of someone else, then you will have to rely on this judgment throughout. You will have to wait for it even at the time you want to sell it. Do not create such a situation for yourself. Do not be a layman. Examine the market in which you trade.

Doing your homework will not only benefit in a better understanding of the product and its value but will also yield some good returns for you. Remember, educating yourself is the easiest path to success.

• Lack of Patience


Cryptocurrencies are indeed volatile, and they are subjected to price shifts now and then. However, some of these variations may be carefully planned. Shilling is normal in forums and social media sites to create hype and force traders into purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies.

Following the excitement, emotions and unconfirmed information in decision-making can lead to a major loss of money. Although it is hard to avoid such mistakes especially if you follow the news from the world of cryptocurrency on Twitter with information like “Oh My God, the course is growing all investing” or “So it appears that Bitcoin has come to an end, it’s better to sell.”

When traders can’t keep calm in such circumstances, they tend to make mistakes. And these mistakes can, sometimes, cost a lot. Thus, the best thing to do in such circumstances is to make a plan. Setting out goals such as short-term goals and long-term goals is the best practice to follow. These goals will derive your emotions in the right track and will keep you away from major losses.

Let there be some truth in these reports; it is impossible to follow everything at once and, overall, the most patient ones still win. Rely primarily on your experience and recheck the incoming data. And, if you have a plan of activity, thought out before, it can be lethal to depart from it by changing moods.

• Not Maintaining Right Security


Another common blunder newbie traders do is a failure to secure their keys. And thus, letting their money gets stolen. So the only way to stop this from happening is to be familiar with your keys and be sure to get a secure wallet where you can store it. There is a diversity of options for a crypto wallet but the most secure ones are normally stored on hardware that can’t be stolen over the Internet.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost because people consigned all of their cryptos to an exchange that was compromised or a wallet service that malfunctioned or crashed. Always secure your keys. Do not compromise with the security of your data as it can make you lose everything you had.

With the advancement of technology, scammers and hackers do not stand still and where the money is free, without adequate control, those sins for them not to take. Even if you have a limited amount of money now, and even if you did not plan to wait in the trade for a long time, you should thoroughly approach the security of your data: two-factor authentication, use of individual computers, data encryption – are mandatory.

• FOMO- Fear of Missing Out


It is one of the biggest fears every new trader encounter. It reveals itself in situations such as the initial sale of an asset due to fear of missing profits, purchasing at the maximum because of the sense that you are missing something essential, or the fear of missing an assuring ICO, which is why you are funding in suspicious projects. It is the concern of losing the profit most often and directs to the fact that we lose profit.

If you presume that you should do something because everyone around is doing this, then you are putting yourself into danger. Getting free of FOMO is difficult, but you can combat it. To do this, devise a set of rules for speculating on the stock exchange or accepting a project, as well as limits on the plausible allowable losses and profits.

Be over it. Understand: new happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies arrive every day, so relax, be calm and let this fear recede.

fear-of-missing-1Patience is the solution to trading in cryptocurrency. Do not be scared to miss any deal – the market is enormous and developing that there will be sufficient money for everyone. However, remember that it is simple to make money on the market, but it is difficult to keep what you have acquired.

Do not let selfishness and greed get over you. Never contemplate educating yourself as a waste of time. Because this will enhance your information bank and will you help you some or the other day.

Make yourself comfortable first and then rule over the field. Always remember that there are many new possibilities in this crypto world every single day. And the best start will be to do your research.


Also, do not let your fear of missing out ruin things for you. It is very crucial to understand that crypto trading is not as straightforward as it looks, and there are built-in risks that traders need to face.

So, if you’re a newbie or a seasoned crypto trader, just ensure that you do not get ahead of yourself. Keep reading and keep learning about the new stuff that runs the market.

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