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As Bitcoin emerged, people began to realize the true value that investing in the asset is like. At the close of 2017, Bitcoin had Google’s biggest search volume.

These days, it is not unusual to hear people talk about Bitcoin robots. Gone are the days when manual trading reigns supreme, the contest has swung in favor of Bitcoin robot.

The accuracy of Bitcoin robots is far superior to that of humans, as they are the more likely to be effective and generate profits in fluctuating crypto markets.

Automated Bitcoin trading robots are getting more and more acceptance all across the globe. But the question still to be asked is do they all work? Can they be trusted to turn out good profit for the users?

And if they do, what Bitcoin robot traders are out there for newcomers as well pro traders who are looking to try their hands on auto-trading robots? A properly configured bot enables trades to perform more quickly and efficiently than what the trader could do manually.

Nevertheless, as more Bitcoin robots surfaced over the years, scam Bitcoin robots have taken advantage of the proliferation and have robbed people of their money.

Therefore, when choosing a Bitcoin robot, it is important to be well informed. In this guide, we searched out which ones seem legitimate and those that are scams of which you should stay clear.

What is a Bitcoin Robot?


A Bitcoin robot or bot is an auto-trading software that uses sophisticated software to scan, read signals and take decisions on trades to make a profit.

Auto-trading robots are much more powerful than humans as they can search for all the available information on a specific crypto asset and carry out profitable trade within seconds.

Bitcoin robots place buy/sell orders after reading through signals. Most designs are integrated with exchanges all across the globe. These signals allow the bot to be far ahead in a matter of seconds in the game, meaning that you can profit more than anybody else.

Bitcoin robots can often have a win rate of up to 99 percent, which means that at least nine out of ten decisions made by the robots are correct. This is a very high success rate that any Bitcoin robot trader will appreciate.

The Best Bitcoin Robots


In comparison to the stock markets, the digital currency market does not close; a highly stressful situation for traders and sometimes even casual shareholders who spend their time on the market.

The innovation of the Bitcoin robot gives relief to this set of Bitcoin trader and should, therefore, be a welcome idea. Only if the Bitcoin robot delivers the goods.

There are hundreds of web-based Bitcoin robot offers all scattered over the Internet. While the idea behind a Bitcoin bot is reasonable, not every Bitcoin robot has that good quality in it.

Our goal is to distinguish the wheat from the chaff by making detailed and impartial reviews of those names we are interested to know more about. Many factors can be used to identify the best robot but one that is common to all is the legitimacy of the software.

As you read along, you will find out more about how to find the best trading bot but before then, here are a few picks from the popular Bitcoin robots.

Bitcoin Loophole

It’s one of the most common crypto and Bitcoin robots on the market with many users worldwide. Like other reliable Bitcoin robots, Bitcoin Loophole software provides users with an auto-trading option promising them they’ll make the most in the shortest possible time using the software.

Also, Bitcoin Loophole offers an easy-to-learn trading tool, allowing you to adapt your favorite investment strategy to enhance your trading and improve your profit. It is a user-friendly application that provides the easiest way to carry out a trade.

According to reviews, we found on the Internet, this robot enabled people to fully change their lifestyle. Some say this app gave them the freedom to be free of debt and afford luxury life.

Bitcoin Profit


Bitcoin Profit is a bot or auto-trading program developed by John Mayers. The system is claimed to run 0.01 seconds quicker than other trading signals and promises to help many of its users make daily gains by buying and selling Bitcoin, including other cryptocurrencies.

The working principle of this application is comparable to other Bitcoin robot trading platforms. Bitcoin Profit gathers regularly winning signals and periodically open and close purchase orders when appropriate.

These are designed mostly for novice users, helping them to sit back as the system works wonders, making them a good profit.

Bitcoin Trader

bitcoin trader logo for table

Consumers don’t have to do much manual trading, according to the code, trades are implemented within minutes with what seems to be with solid accuracy. This is what Bitcoin Trader offers its users. This rarely places unsustainable trades, one of the things that have labeled Bitcoin Trader one successful Bitcoin robot on the market.

While humans take hours to do sufficient research and find out what is the most lucrative investment, Bitcoin Trader promises to do the very same amount of work in minutes, and you need zero effort in this regard.

As you may have learned though, the crypto market is known to be highly unpredictable, meaning that while the Bitcoin robot might have done all the right work, sometimes even the market moves differently than the one expected by the Bitcoin robot and transactions might go wrong. This is rarely a common occurrence but it is not impossible.

Bitcoin Revolution

bitcoin revolution logo for table

Bitcoin Revolution is a bot and an automated trading system developed in 2017 by a group of enthusiastic Bitcoin robot traders. The software is claimed to be trading 0.01 seconds quicker than its rivals, assuring investors good profit for their investment.

In its algorithm, it’s said that Bitcoin Revolution reacts swiftly in swift seconds to signals much faster than any other auto-trading robot available in the market.

The creators of the Bitcoin Revolution is currently unknown, but rumor has it that a group of brokers well connected to Bitcoin tried to join forces to develop the ultimate software.

The result is this trading tool. It can be used for Forex trading as well because they have all the trading know-how within their platforms, it’s just about improving the automated system and making the site user-friendly.

It’s safe to say they’ve succeeded by so doing, and many users have said Bitcoin Revolution is one of the easiest but successful trading tools available for manual and automatic investment in digital trading.

Bitcoin Future


The technology is highly appreciate among investors world-wide for its efficiency. There is so much publicity about Bitcoin Future and what it is bringing to the table for Bitcoin traders.

For its reputation, it was recognized on a global scale. The software is designed to allow the device to read business news and track market movements.

This supposedly helps it to learn the riskiest chances at the time. Its functions are akin to other popular crypto bots, such as Bitcoin Loophole.

This trading platform only uses cryptocurrency resources and works just fine to give the needed results. Operating in conjunction with approved Cryptocurrency traders, Bitcoin Future requires at least a deposit of $250 for live trade participants.

Approved Bitcoin Robots

Below you can see the complete list of safe and secure crypto robots thoroughly checked by our team.

Bitcoin Billionaire Bitcoin Circuit Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Compass Bitcoin Era Bitcoin Evolution
Bitcoin Freedom Bitcoin Future Bitcoin Gemini
Bitcoin Hero Bitcoin Lifestyle Bitcoin Loophole
Bitcoin News Trader Bitcoin Pro Bitcoin Profit
Bitcoin Revival Bitcoin Revolution Bitcoin Rush
Bitcoin Storm Bitcoin Superstar Bitcoin System
Bitcoin Trader Bitcoin Trend App Bitcoin Wealth
Crypto Cash Crypto Comeback Pro Crypto Contracts
Crypto Engine Crypto Genius Crypto Legacy Pro
Crypto Profit Crypto Revolt Crypto Soft
CryptoGroup Libra Method Profit Formula
Profit Revolution Tesler App The News Spy

Pros and Cons Of Bitcoin Robots


As with any trading tool, there are some advantages and disadvantages to using Bitcoin trading robots. For Bitcoin robot trading programs, here are some you should care to know especially if you’re just starting with algorithm trading.


1. Efficiency

Trading bots, if authorized, will simultaneously analyze the market conditions before carrying out a trading decision. We can’t say the same for people. Every cryptocurrency market situation can only be evaluated at a time by humans.

Therefore, we would have missed a golden chance to trade when we move to another cryptocurrency. Such scenarios are highly efficient with automated Bitcoin robots. They can be described to be multitasking and reliable.

2. Trading with No Emotion

Auto-trading robots are not humans and so don’t attach emotions to their trading. This is helpful to carry out an effective trade that is result-oriented and not based on sentiments.

This is not the case for bots. Any signs of price manipulation, therefore, have little or no impact on the bot’s functioning.

Sometimes the big players, the whales, can be a strong influence, but with Bitcoin robot trading they don’t seem to get any preference, no emotions are allowed.

3. Increased Speed

It saves time for both the server and also the client and is also very convenient to use.

All humans take much longer to place an order. We can’t operate at the same frequency as the machines. Trading orders are issued instantly with auto-trading robots.

This higher speed is, therefore, a great advantage to us. Auto-Trading robots are efficient and work pretty well at high performance and speed when installed.

4. 24-Hour Performance

Trading bots are ever online to implement a trade on your behalf even when you’re asleep. As mentioned, with the cryptocurrency market there is no off time. Unlike humans, Bitcoin robots will stay awake all night to carry out trades for subscribers.

All that is required from you is the proper configuration and leave the rest for the Bitcoin robot.



1. Not Ideal for Every Trader

Quite true that Bitcoin robots are suitable for newbies. That may be right but it is not always the case in some circumstances when you have to make the settings yourself.

Virtual currencies bots are a good way to make passive revenue throughout the year. It needs, however, that you have some understanding of what is going on in the background. Although the preset trading setup is fine, the expected results are not obtained most times from the Bitcoin robots for preset.

Interfering with the setting could be very dangerous, since it may result in the loss of your money, without knowing enough about the technical details of a Bitcoin robot.

2. Not Suitable During Very Volatile Periods

Constantly, trading bots need to be supervised as they do not do well in high volatility. Human intervention is therefore often required.

As Bitcoin robots have nothing of emotion, it is not connected in any way to your money whether you lose or gain and could eventually result in successive losses and a big loss.

3. Safety

This is a major concern with auto-trading robots. Wherever you turn, you might bump into scam trading robots that can be detrimental to your hard-earned money and investments. That’s why it’s crucial to make the best choice possible.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Robot?


We have already mentioned that not all Bitcoin robots will deliver as the creators have promised. Many that claim to make the user much profit turn out to be scam platforms that are merely to lure unsuspecting subscribers into parting with their money.

We recommend that you do adequate research before choosing the Bitcoin robot that will meet your trading needs.

It is important to take into consideration some factors when choosing a Bitcoin robot. The performance, as well as core issues, should be considered.

1. Consultation

Some people have gone the way you about going. So you don’t make the same mistakes as they’ve done, getting assistance can make a lot of difference in finding the right Bitcoin trading tool for you.

Get working, ask your friends and family about the trading robot they have used in the past. The Internet is a big place, make Google your friend and consult ‘her’. You must do proper research on the trading robots available.

Read the various reviews you have about Bitcoin trading robots that others have used. Make sure to be thorough on this.

If you have found some good trading robots from these initial findings, make a list of about ten of them if you have that much.

2. Visit the Official Website of the Various Companies

This is where things get down to the real work. Now, you want to check out some very important requirements to sieve out the very best from your list.

First, the reputation of the creators should be verified. Who are the people behind the project? If they are hidden, that is a bad sign that tells they may not be the people to trust.

The second factor that will help your selection of the right Bitcoin trading robot for you is how long this system has been operating? Yes, agreed that Bitcoin auto-trading is still fairly new.

But in this, there are those among them that have been around for a while that people can point to. You should find more information about this group than the newly found companies.

The question of how long may not necessarily be used. If you find newer companies with well-known people behind the system, that is okay and should be considered.


3. Support System

If a company will not attend to your needs promptly, you don’t have any business with them in the first place. What will happens when you find yourself in trouble either technically or otherwise and nobody seems to be concerned.

That can be frustrating. Responsive user support is very valuable for any business and Bitcoin trading robots are no exception.

You can give a test to confirm this. Send them a dummy message and wait to see how long it takes to get a reply if it eventual comes. You don’ need to wait forever.

4. Withdrawal

This area counts very highly in this business. If you cannot get your money out when you want it, that should be a no-no. A reliable Bitcoin robot should be very specific on the withdrawal terms. Past real user reviews should give you the true picture of things here.

We believe there are different ways you can use to choose the right Bitcoin trading platform especially if you’re just starting. You’ll find more about this on the best Bitcoin trading robot section below.

How To Trade with a Bitcoin Robot?


Registering and trading using a Bitcoin robot is quite easy. For this tutorial, we use Bitcoin Trader as an example, as the process for most Bitcoin robots is similar.

We have shared a bit about the Bitcoin Trader software above. That should give some information about this software.

To evaluate tradable data in crypto markets and decide on investment, the Bitcoin Trader uses advanced computer algorithms. It is said that this automated trading platform has an accuracy rate of over 99%, one of the greatest in the industry.

As with most automated trading software, there may be some inherent risks attached. You should hence monitor your trading account once in the day.

For a step by step process, here is how to trade with Bitcoin robot:

1. Load Bitcoin Robot’s Website

2. Click on Sign Up and fill out the details

The application process should also only ask for relevant data. Most legitimate Bitcoin robots only need usernames and emails and do not store sensitive account data.

Another crucial thing is how simple the registration system is. A successful Bitcoin robot ought not to be complicated with the unnecessary verification process. Traders must be able to set up an account and preferably start trading in less than five minutes or within a short period.


3. Begin Your Demo Trading

When you have registered, the trading platform needs to be felt before going live. The easiest way to do it is by using a demo account. A legit Bitcoin robot will provide a tool for demo trading. Demo accounts provide testing data to show how the Bitcoin robot functions in live trading.

It is worth noting that the results in the trading account are not what you are getting in a real account. We recommend that all start-up traders start only with the minimum required investment and add funds when they become comfortable with their Bitcoin robot trading. This is very important for newbies.

4. Add Funds

The top Bitcoin robots accept Visa card, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi and many other options. Many robot providers allow you to invest a minimum of 250 (USD or EUR) to access the trading device. Deposit funds. Deposits should also be processed in less than 24 hours and should not be charged.

5. Let the Robot Help You with Trading

All you have to do is to enable the auto-trading feature after you have deposited. You can forget it for a couple of days. Don’t be worried if you don’t instantly see revenue. Crypto markets are highly volatile, but ultimately you must be profitable if things are done right.

Robot vs. Broker Trading


Robot Brokers are Internet platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, indices, and commodities. To support businesses and individual users, they use a brokerage instrument like MetaTrader4 and WebTrader.

We usually recommend against direct trade-in robot brokers, but trade in them through automotive robots. Although a few robot brokers are reliable, they do not help you decide on investment.

Whether you choose between a broker trading and robot, both have their usefulness. Broker trading gives you more control over your trade. This is usually more attractive to pro traders than newbies. This does not mean, however, that a novice cannot start with broker trading, they can of the take things step by step to learn the ropes.

Another thing with broker trading is that there are always fees attached. This is how the broker makes his money. In Bitcoin robot trading, it is usually a once-off payment to use the software if it is not free.

Auto trading robots communicate to online brokers to work and you can select the broker that you want to transact with via the robot. It allows you to trade in automotive mode but also gives you access to the huge investment options of robot brokers.

Robots are good choice for many people because of the freedom it brings to the trading space. You only configure a Bitcoin robot correctly and allow it to do the rest of the trading activities for you. It saves you time and speeds up things as we have highlighted in the previous section.

Should you choose a Bitcoin robot over a broker trader? The choice is yours. Your knowledge about the two will help to determine which will be more appropriate for you.

How Does a Bitcoin Robot Work?


The trading robot has already been in Forex and equity day trading for a decade. This approach seemed to have gained traction in the crypto-industry in the last three years.

In general, trading robots entail the implementation of advanced computer algorithms to analyze the investment data and make trading decisions. Bitcoin trading robots work by using a combination of:

  • Computer algorithms;
  • Trading signals;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Market information analytics;
  • Mathematical equations.

These are the major tools used by trading robots for efficiency.

A Bitcoin robot is a technology that lets you set an algorithm and a trading strategy. The code supports this trading method and trades on your behalf. The finest thing about the majority of trading robots has been that they operate on the cloud.

This means you don’t even have to turn your machine on to carry out a trade. Just grant the Bitcoin robot the requisite permissions then it will carry out profitable orders for you.

The trick to becoming a good cryptocurrency trader is to evaluate and act according to the market trends. This method becomes a little complicated with cryptocurrencies.

Because cryptocurrency’s prices are highly volatile, its value is very difficult to predict. To do this, one must practice technical analysis of cryptocurrency.

The software under a Bitcoin robot allows users to see the reasoning behind their gains or losses. The Bitcoin trading software depends on computer algorithms designed using the world’s top crypto traders’ trading strategies to search Bitcoin market data and carry out trading based on this information.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin robots are integrated with exchanges all across the globe. They collate data, analyze them and make lucrative trading decisions.

How Much Money Can You Make with a Bitcoin Robot?


Most of Bitcoin robot creators promise to help investors earn so much. Nevertheless, the returns rely on the investment capital, the efficiency of the software and knowledge, to some extent, of the trader.

CryptoSoft, for example, assures an average return of $13,000 per day for investors. At our end, we cannot guarantee the veracity of this bogus claim, but many traders who tried seem to see some results that appear favorable.

Bitcoin Future is yet another successful Bitcoin robot that claims to make millionaires overnight by crypto trading. Some of the respondents in their analysis report made hundreds of dollars out of the original investment of $250, in less than one week.

Bitcoin Future is clear that profit margin relies on the capital invested. The more capital invested, the greater the returns.

How to Open an Account with a Bitcoin Robot?

Opening an account with a Bitcoin robot is a simple process. It depends on the account creation process for the different Bitcoin trading robot. We have discussed in detail how to trade with a Bitcoin robot in the top section of this write-up. That said, there are only three core steps to opening an account:

1. Sign up for an account using your details
2. Fund your account after being approved
3. Start trading to earn

Are Bitcoin Robots Legit or Scam?


To answer the question of whether a Bitcoin robot is a scam or legit we need to examine closely some issues.

The fact is many people on the back end of auto trading systems are not genuine. We emphasize checking and validating brokers on the premise of their credibility and experience.

Although not all Bitcoin robots are legitimate, in general, the concept is legitimate. A decent Bitcoin robot will most of the time be able to beat the markets and generate significant returns.

Most crypto traders on the market at the moment promise investors that their initial investment of $250 will generate millions of dollars. Some of these results can be achieved, but not always.

Some Bitcoin robots may make small profits at the start, but they will rise as you build your account. In Bitcoin reviews, you get a clear picture of what to expect in terms of productivity with various Bitcoin robots. We encourage you to read through as many as you can.

What many Bitcoin robots vendors won’t let you know is that the trading of such tools has their risks. Although the risk isn’t that large, it nevertheless means that you can lose all your investment.

In contrast to long-term strategy, day trading involves quickly getting out of and into trading positions, which allows you to make huge profits or losses.

As a rule, never trade with an amount you can’t afford to lose. Remember always that speculative investments must never pull above 10% of your holdings. We recommend starting small using Bitcoin robots and reinvesting the profits as your income grows.

Many Bitcoin robots claim to offer 99% accuracy and, although that loosely translates to at least 9 trades out of 10 will be right with trading using Bitcoin robots.

And as there is no way to prove this, we recommend that you carry out necessary steps to confirm the frequency of these results from your Bitcoin robot of choice. The right starting point is to read our impartial and detailed robot reviews and guidelines.

Now, you should be in a better position to answer the question. Bitcoin robot is legit as a concept as a whole but we should also know that not everything works the same. So we can find some flaws here and there.

Do Auto-Trading Bots Make Money?


Sure! Auto—trading bots make money. Again, we won’t stop to emphasize that every trading bot has its level of performance. You should do your research before you choose any trading robot for your Bitcoin trading.

Do Bitcoin Robots Really Work?

Standing on the premise of our discussions so far, as seen above, we can say that Bitcoin robots truly work. Like mentioned, there are scammers out there.

They are even more in number compared to the legitimate ones. Once again, do your research adequately.

Is Bitcoin Worth Investing in 2020?


While Bitcoin has experienced regular fluctuations, we expect that Bitcoin will increase in value in line with the above predictions. There are many explanations for Bitcoin’s price fall, such as its use for illegal purposes and many other issues, such as fraud and hacking.

Pros outperformed the opposites, which is why Bitcoin remains the global leader, holding on to the lead and retaining its place. Bitcoin could hit the potentially $24,500 mark, because the year has good prospects and innovations for BTC, such as NASDAQ introducing BTC Future.

The cryptocurrency market could witness a consumer boom by 2020, as not just Bitcoin, but all other assets would step up in the digital space. The governments and the various central banks will more than ever accept digital currencies, which could lead to greater demand.

At CoinSwitch you can exchange ETH for BTC at a favorable rate. Bitcoin’s halving will occur in May 2020, which will decrease the miner’s reward from the current 12.5 to 6.25 Bitcoin.

The first quarter may experience a small spike up to $26,000, which in the third quarter may leap to $29,000. Bitcoin could be priced at $35,000 at the end of 2020.

What is the Best Trading Robot?


Most crypto-trading bots can do what you have programmed it to do. Nonetheless, one must be prepared to react to the rapid changes in market conditions on a market as competitive as the cryptocurrency market.

This is where a smart trading robot is required. With the numerous Bitcoin trading robots, choosing the suitable crypto trading bot in the industry can be an intimidating task for newbies.

As such, it’s also important to recognize some of the considerations you need to take into account when selecting one. The best trading robot should possess the following qualities:

1. Easy-to-Use

An automatically propelled Bitcoin robot trader is intended to make the entire cryptocurrencies trading process easy for everyone. A Bitcoin robot that has an easy-to-use interface is very common though.

Most times Bitcoin robots that allow you to carry out your operations with only a few mouse clicks are preferred by Bitcoin traders as the right Bitcoin trading robots.

2. Security

There is no indication of how stable a certain Bitcoin robot is. Thus, while selecting a trading robot, make a full investigation and choose a Bitcoin robot that is widely applauded for its safety.

You cannot blame anyone other than yourself in the event of a hack. Basic security implementation should be ascertained. Observe if the platform comes with a secure socket layer, this is quite important here.

If there is any report of compromise sort of, you’re better off abandoning that site than staking your funds where you may not find it anymore.


3. Profitability

Bitcoin robots operate in different modes of accuracy. It is common to find many claiming over a 99% rate of accuracy. Confirm every statement before you choose to go with any Bitcoin robot, your profitability lies in this.

This essential component is all about gains. Is the Bitcoin robot beneficial or not? A question that is very difficult to answer. The primary reason you chose to join a bot is to take advantage of your trade skills.

It makes no sense to use a Bitcoin robot that is not able to deliver as expected or claimed. Figure out what a bot’s productivity is before you spend your time and resources on it.

4. Reliability

One of the important aspects to consider before making your choice of Bitcoin robot trading software is reliability, the trustworthiness of the trading bot. You shouldn’t risk your money for anything.

You may argue that the reliability of a certain trading robot is not known. You’re not the only one to use a Bitcoin robot. Search for information about its accuracy from other users using the specific Bitcoin robot.

Never use a trading robot without checking out from those who have used the software before, there are reviews you can refer to on different platforms.

5. Transparency

Know who is behind the software you are about using. A reputation check is a vital requirement. Does the trading tool you are about using have a human face behind it at all or the creators are anonymous.

This may be dangerous if they don’t want to be known. We can conclude that such a platform may be a scam. Everything will disappear if anything goes wrong.

Try to select a Bitcoin robot whose creators are popular for their community work. Transparency also helps build confidence and as well helps you connect with the right people.

To conclude, we can say that Bitcoin robot trading is a great innovation. If they are not, how do they make such profitable trades while the user is away? Bitcoin trading robots are more efficient as they make the best and winning trade with success in every 9 out of 10 such trades implemented.

Many online trading robots are promising to make you everyday profits. That is not the point to stop at as an intending trader, do proper research before you begin. That is important.

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