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What is Bitcoin Trading?

Based on the coming meaning, trading is referred to the process of buying something at a low price and selling at high with the aim of gaining profit. As for Bitcoin, the fundamental purpose of trading cryptocurrency remains the same while the criterion is completely different.

It begins with predicting the price of Bitcoin with the help of industrial statistics as a whole and particularly, the price graphs. Unlike conventional trading, Bitcoin trading asks for money, time and effort investment to make this work in one’s favor.

Since 2017, the concept of Bitcoin trading has gone a long way, not just in terms of price volatility but to bring revolution in the cryptocurrency world as well. This market has literally minimized the importance of traditional trading. Even, its existence on the internet is getting obsolete overtime.

So, in order to know how to trade Bitcoin, it’s necessary to dig into the term ‘Bitcoin Trading’ and figure out its scope, how does it work and the importance of bringing money to the pocket.

Trading Types

trading types

While traders are interested in trading Bitcoin, they don’t know that there are a lot of methods to make money from it. Though, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all work for every trader in the same way.

They depend upon the prevailing conditions and the equity they were applied to. Normally, traders can find the answer to their question ‘how to trade Bitcoin?’ in the following trading types, based on their speculations and expectations:

  • Day Trading: This method allows traders to invest in more than one crypto asset in a day, who aim to derive benefits from short-term price movements. Day traders have to spend most of their time with computers in order to keep an eye over their crypto coins and close trades before the day ends.
  • Scalping: Another day-trading strategy that allows traders to enjoy substantial gains on minor price changes. Scalping focuses on short-term trading and believes in the fact that small crypto coins are capable of minimizing risks and provide significant advantages to the traders. The best of all, this method of trading Bitcoin allows scalpers to carry out up to hundreds of traders in a day.
  • Swing Trading: It works on the principle of natural swing of the price of Bitcoin. Traders are responsible to trace the specific price movements in order to enter the trade later on. What they are supposed to do is to hold the entity until its price movement dies and then take the profit. Swing trading helps traders to focus on the big picture instead of staying in front of their computers and do nothing. It allows them to create trading positions and wait until they rest assured about getting the desired outcomes.

Analysis Methods

trading analysis methods

When it comes to understanding the process of how to trade Bitcoin, it’s necessary to monitor Bitcoin price movement. While it’s true that it is difficult to predict, there are still some proven methods, rules and patterns that may help traders to make profits in the long run.

Remember that there is not a shortcut or an easy way to make profitable trades; one has to create on their own by creating a balance in all aspects of trading Bitcoin, irrespective of the losses.

So, what everyone has to do is to know two key methodologies that are responsible to analyze Bitcoin or other trades based on the scope and financial market trends:

1. Fundamental Analysis: Focuses on the big picture and predict the price to figure out how to trade Bitcoin. To trade Bitcoin, this analysis starts with the industry statistics, strength of the currency, regulations and technical developments around the world and any news or problems affecting its position. For fundamental analysis, its value works as a technology that helps to predict price changes.

2. Technical Analysis: Considers past Bitcoin trading volumes and patterns and trends prevailing for the price. Examines past price fluctuations and tries to predict its future. This analysis works on the notion that these movements aren’t affected by prevailing situations in the world. They work independently and assist to predict the future.

Understanding Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading?

The financial market is the place for buying and selling different entities – be it equities, Forex, commodities or cryptocurrency. It works in different forms and therefore, can be affected if any of its areas do not work properly.

In the equities market, people buy and sell shares or stocks with respect to the companies’ performance and profits. In the commodities market, traders can own or sell physical objects having value while in the cryptocurrency market, there are entities similar to valuable codes, particularly Bitcoin.

How is Trading Bitcoin Different than Buying Bitcoin?

difference between tradinг bitcoin and buying bitcoin

Nowadays, traders are more concerned and focused on how Bitcoin trading works because it has shown great potential to convert into a huge asset after some time. While the idea sounds quite interesting and worth trying, what most of the traders overlook is the difference between what it’s to trade Bitcoin and buying it. They hold a lot of differences that need technical understanding and insight.

When traders buy Bitcoin with the 3-year selling plan, they will be getting a significantly higher price than the current price. This is investing or trading Bitcoin, which is a long-term form of ownership.

On the other hand, the decision to buy a Bitcoin CFD or contract gives exposure to the price of Bitcoin. Here, the trader has to respond quickly and take decisions one after the other.

When an investor holds it for 2 minutes and the price increases, it’s time to sell the contract immediately and the process goes on. This is referred to as trading Bitcoin where the trader receives immediate benefits on their investment.

Understanding the Difference

trading bitcoin or buying bitcoin

While dealing in cryptocurrency, traders have to adhere to a few important aspects. For beginners, it’s necessary to pay attention to price fluctuation in trading Bitcoin as it is the only factor that drives them to make a decision.

While there are many parameters to consider, traders should not forget the bottom line – trading cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean that they can be used as a currency.

Bitcoin is the top currency that is traded around the world; however, don’t think that its functionality is disregarded in any way. Instead of considering the cryptocurrency for its market movement, traders should not overlook the performance of the foreign market, which goes parallel to the cryptocurrency market.

Like in the foreign market, global currencies experience fluctuation in their prices, the process of trading cryptocurrencies also undergoes the same phenomenon. Just be sure that their price movements hold more significance than foreign currencies.

As a matter of fact, trading Bitcoin doesn’t require a lot of expertise. While on the other hand, its trading is a long-term process that features a portfolio of many crypto coins, business objectives, and fiat risk hedging. The worth considering aspect is that its traders are not so concerned about price volatility and therefore, don’t give up on investment in any way.

Which is Better: Trading Bitcoin or Buying it?

is better trading bitcoin or buying it

Although to trade Bitcoin and investments have their own risks, the first is more vulnerable to losses than the other. Investors have the courage to survive the crash and use all resources to cope with the situation whereas, traders have to respond to even minor updates and find out the right time to end the game.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges that have a wallet facility to store Bitcoins but, don’t think that they are safe and secure. They are just like traditional wallets that are vulnerable to cyber attacks at any time.

When it comes to finding out either Bitcoin trading is better or buying, knowledge comes in first place. Making investments in this digital currency starts with a small amount that used to increase if the trader shows interest and makes timely decisions.

Basically, it is a long term association for trading cryptocurrencies that helps to accumulate a significant amount of money. Even, Bitcoin investment minimizes the volatility as the trader enters with all the necessary information.

As for what it is to trade Bitcoin, the first and foremost thing is to know the nature of Bitcoin in detail so that there are no doubts of losing on the way. Since there are frequent fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin, the real deal is to make informed decisions of trading cryptocurrencies to avoid losses as much as possible.

In summation, it can be said that there are no sources or criteria to predict the outcome. Whether it’s about making investment or trading, every method has its own regulations to follow.

How to Profit from Cryptocurrency Trading?

how to profit from cryptocurrency trading

When it comes to exploring different methods to make a profit from operations involving you to trade Bitcoin and other crypto coins, following options turn out to be the most fruitful:

1. Crypto-Trading: For a trader, who has knowledge about financial trading and market, it’s good to start with crypto tokens either at centralized exchanges or decentralized ones. The first type of exchange works on a company’s server while there is an orderbook to control its private database of crypto coins. It allows traders to trade with each other, without allocating their tokens to somewhere else. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges operate on blockchain technology that causes slow transactions and bad user interface. It also charges a fee to every trader upon trading cryptocurrency, particularly BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, other Altcoins, etc. You can also use auto-trading crypto robots such as Bitcoin Revolution or Crypto Group.

2. Investing: Being an investor, a person can buy Bitcoin/hold them or acquire other crypto coins up to a certain time period. This approach holds true for those projects that have a higher potential to convert into valuable products.

3. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): Perfect for when you intend to trade Bitcoin and the likes (Litecoin, Ethereum and the likes) or projects launched recently, ICOs have turned out to be one of the best cryptocurrency trading options.

4. Referral Programs: Traders can use word-of-mouth to trade cryptocurrencies and earn as much profit as they can. By spreading or marketing about good projects, they rest assured about receiving rewards.

profit from cryptocurrency trading

5. Airdrops: It occurs when coins are distributed for free by the cryptocurrency platform. Here, the fact to understand is that there is a huge business behind offering free coins. Traders have to understand their distribution patterns and figure out how they can benefit from them.

6. Copy Trading: This method of trading Bitcoin involves the selection of traders individually and copy their Bitcoin trading strategy. New traders usually start by searching a few top traders, analyze their history, goals and success rates to copy everything for their benefit.

7. Consultant/Knowledge-Worker: As the crypto world is still in its early stage, it needs more and more people to spread awareness. While trading Bitcoin, knowledgeable people must act as consultants and educate beginners about how to proceed. This way, traders, as well as consultants, can make money from these crypto oppertunities.

8. Initiating a Blockchain Project: If someone has enough skills and exposure to trade cryptocurrencies, it’s good to start a blockchain project in an industry that suits them.

9. Mining: Digital currencies are mined not minted. As a hardware geek, a person can easily get an ASIC to mind their favorite coins. This method allows individuals to make as much money as they want.

How to Start Bitcoin Trading?

After getting to know about different methods to make money by trading Bitcoin, it’s time to dig deeper and explore how to start their trading. Below is the step-by-step guide of how to get it done.

1. Choose the Right Crypto-Exchange

start bitcoin trading by choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange

While looking for appropriate options to trade Bitcoin, it’s quite overwhelming to see a wide range of exchanges or trading platforms encouraging beginners to give a good start to their career in trade Bitcoin opportunities.

Their venture begins by landing on an appropriate and trusted cryptocurrency exchange followed by selecting a payment mode, particularly the one where they can buy Bitcoin with FIAT currency for the first time.

Don’t forget to know the origin or location of the exchange as it dictates the rules and regulations applied to it. The exchange should have transparent procedures with no hidden fees.

As for the budget, start with an economical choice i.e. a less popular exchange because a famous platform to trade Bitcoin used to charge a significant amount for every transaction.

Also, make sure that the platform is safe and secure to trade cryptocurrencies. There should be no scams or vulnerabilities in terms of keeping the crypto coins in its wallet.

2. Create an Account

The process of setting up an account differs from one cryptocurrency exchange to the other. However, in most cases, it involves a few simple steps – providing basic information, selection of a payment mode and linking a bank account for deposits and withdrawal.

3. Trading Criteria

Most of the traders prefer to start with CFDs (a Contract for Differences) to trade Bitcoin and can select how short or long the period as they want. This approach helps them to make profits by trading cryptocurrencies greater than other approaches prevailing in the industry.

After buying the digital currencies in a particular quantity, traders can wait until their prices go high. They can also search around to know when would the cryptocurrency market trail.

In case market situations are unfavorable and chances are high that they will be controlled soon, traders can accumulate more and more cryptocurrencies during this period to earn benefits once the period is over.

research for cryptocurrency volatility

4. Budgeting and Money Management

For every trader, it’s crucial to determine the amount of initial deposit for trading cryptocurrency by the platform because it works as the base to the moves their will make on the trading platform.

As a matter of fact, the goal should be to trade cryptocurrencies and earn what is invested. There is no room for losses because it will destabilize the gains upon trading cryptocurrencies in the future. Traders must calculate the risk of investing in a particular digital currency before making a decision.

5. Know the Volatility

Yes, the trading sites have a certain level of volatility that could be good or bad with respect to the change in the price of Bitcoin. Traders always have to gather all possible information about volatility and how to make it work for their benefits.

6. Choose the Right Duration

To trade Bitcoin requires a lot of efforts and patience. It doesn’t matter how prepared traders are, there are always new opportunities to unfold. The Bitcoin trading plan should have optimum flexibility to suit all types of market changes. The choice of short or long term investments/trades also depends upon this factor.

What is Bitcoin CFD Trading?

what is bitcoin cfd trading

There are numerous methods to buy cryptocurrencies; traditionally, there are different exchanges available to carry out direct deals i.e. in the form of limit orders.

These orders are responsible to explain when and where the deal should take place. The next Bitcoin trading method is called CFD or Contracts for difference that works on the cryptocurrency being in trade.

When a trader buys a long Bitcoin CFD, it is linked with its price. If it increases, the contract’s value will also increase, leading to a significant amount of profit or vice versa. So, it’s necessary for traders to know their position in the cryptocurrency market that is of two types mainly:

  • Long: If a trader is involved in trading ‘long’, it means that there are higher chances of getting an increase in value. To trade with Bitcoin CFD, there will be greater opportunities to earn more money over time.
  • Short: If a cryptocurrency trader is involved in trading ‘short’, it means that the speculations are made for a decrease in asset’s value. Having a short position for trading Bitcoin, a trader has to wait until its value decrease since it’s the only condition they would make money. For this, a trader has to borrow a position by selling the cryptocurrency with the aim of selling it again once the asset’s value comes down to a certain level.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Trading Platform?

After getting to know about the basics of trading cryptocurrencies, the next important step is to know the Bitcoin trading strategy of finding a trusted platform to trade Bitcoin.

how to choose the right bitcoin trading platform

1. Know Everything about the Platform

The first and foremost step is to gather details about the Bitcoin trading site. Get to know about the founder and the market it mainly targets. Here, the worth mentioning fact is that to trade Bitcoin hasn’t received legal support in a few countries until now.

They are still taking measures to accept it as a currency. So, traders have to watch out for not getting into illegal operations while taking interest to trade cryptocurrencies, particularly money laundering.

The best approach is to find out the origin of the platform as it will determine the type of regulations applied to trading cryptocurrencies. Also, its reputation plays a significant role in determining the security of investment. If there is another platform having the same founder, then avoid it!

2. Learn How to Use it

The Bitcoin trading platform needs to be as simple as possible. A fake one always wants to create confusion by hiding details. So, simplicity is the key to determining the legitimacy of a platform.

Trading Bitcoin should be available to people from different levels or expertise, instead of only allowing the pros to use the platform. There must be something for amateurs as well.

3. Liquidity of Trading Pairs

When traders come across the Bitcoin trading pairs offered by different platforms, they have to find out their liquidity as well. If the platform has high trade Bitcoin volume, it means that its liquidity is good and traders are interested to transact through it.

Another benefit of having such a platform is the ease of trading cryptocurrency no matter how the price of Bitcoin changes over time. There are also a few websites explaining and comparing this feature of various Bitcoin trading platforms. Traders can also take help from them.

4. Trading Fee

bitcoin trading fees

As a matter of fact, all Bitcoin trading sites are here to do business. They are not charitable organizations that work for free. They take a commission for a successful cryptocurrency deal as part of their income.

However, if a Bitcoin trading platform changes fees without explanation, then chances are high that they are a scam and just want to make money, no matter if traders are good or not.

Practically, they used to charge a certain percentage against trading cryptocurrency, which is lesser than the percentage of the trade. To be more particular, it is in the form of first decimal like 0.3% with respect to the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

5. Reliable Customer Care

If a trader wants to buy Bitcoin after checking the legitimacy of a trading platform, customer care turns out to be the deciding factor. It makes one platform better than the other.

Keep in mind that a fake or illegitimate site doesn’t have technical support to guide the users about cryptocurrencies. Whereas, a trusted and reliable platform doesn’t hesitate to guide beginners to successfully complete their journey of becoming pro traders.

6. Safety and Security

There has been a lot of news regarding hackers’ attacks on various cryptocurrency trading platforms. Some hackers were successful to cause huge losses while others have managed to keep their platforms safe and secure. Sometimes, the attackers were among the members as this gives easy access to the platform.

It is, therefore, recommended to make a checklist of security options to keep cryptocurrencies as well as funds safe from a loss:

  • Reserve proof;
  • 2-factor authentication;
  • Email and SMS alerts;
  • 24/7 Wallet monitoring;
  • Cold storage system;
  • PGP encryption email.

After taking care of all aspects, if the exchange of cryptocurrencies worked well, everything will start to come out as traders want. However, it’s recommended not to keep all funds in the wallet; rather, just save a certain amount that would be needed for trading cryptocurrencies in the future.

A Must-Check Feature: System Reliability

check the system reliability of bitcoin trading platforms

Over time, the concept of trading cryptocurrencies has significantly increased. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges used to handle higher volumes for which, they have to maintain secrecy, privacy, and security of their platforms.

They have to keep their platforms reliable enough that more and more traders decide to use them for trading. They used to visit different social media networks to get honest reviews on how the cryptocurrency exchanges work and where they should start from.

What Else is Needed for Selection?

Now, after getting to know about the fundamentals of trading cryptocurrencies making the right choice, what else is left untouched? Precisely, traders have to show a sense of responsibility as well as a commitment because everything starts with their decision.

If they take a lot of time to make one, they would have to sacrifice on one thing or the other. Their aim should be to find a legitimate Bitcoin trading platform that could offer real user experience, no matter how much they would want to invest.

Also, customer complains after a certain time can bring a huge difference in their perception and decision making. The rule of thumb is to visit a pro Bitcoin trading broker or forums on different platforms to know what others are taking about.

This step can work as an eye-opener because these forums have genuine reviews about the performance of these platforms.

Top Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Just like people have different clothing needs, they tend to demand different features to trade Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrencies as well. So, what turns out to be necessary is the number of countries the platform works in along with the payment methods, charges/fees, liquidity, speed, limits, customer support, reputation, privacy, and security.

While searching for the top Bitcoin trading platform to trade cryptocurrencies, following options emerge as the answer of how to start Bitcoin trading in the list of must-try:

1. Coinbase


As the world’s number one Bitcoin trading broker, Coinbase has proved itself the easiest and fastest platform for beginners as well as pro traders. It allows them to also own or deal in Litecoin, Ethereum, and other valuable cryptocurrencies. Coinbase lets traders from 30 different countries, including Europe (not Germany), UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, to join and try out their speculation skills.

Traders are allowed to use their debit cards, SEPA transfer, bank transfer or the likes to buy or sell these currencies. Also, they can enjoy various compensation offers upon making a transaction.

2. Coinmama


The next worthy Bitcoin trading platform is Coinmama that works in almost every country and allows customers to trade in different coins. They can use a debit/credit card for transactions and have to pay a 6% fee upon each buy.

Here, European customers have got an added facility where they can use SEPA transfer for the same purpose even at lower charges. It’s just a matter of understanding its pricing terms and criterion for Bitcoin CFD.

3. Luno


As the Ethereum and Bitcoin-based exchange in Singapore, Luno has got its hands into the financial market of Indonesia, Europe, and South Africa as well. It allows traders to use credit cards, SOFORT, iDEAL and SEPA transfer to make transactions. This Bitcoin trading platform also offers compensation upon using its services.

5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The above-mentioned platforms were particularly intended to deal with trade Bitcoin operations. But, what if someone wants to invest or trade in other cryptocurrencies as well? Yes, there are many pure cryptocurrency exchanges that used to ask for deposits before someone starts trading.

1. Binance


This Malta-based exchange is famous for its 0.05% fee per trade and allows people to deal with a lot of coins. The best part is that Binance is available in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian, thereby allowing traders to easily understand what is going on.

When traders buy Bitcoin or other assets, Binance lets traders convert them into any altcoin of their choice. Apart from this, the following features make Binance a better exchange than the rest:

  • A high volume of cryptocurrencies in comparison to other exchanges, which makes a trade in Bitcoin or investing a lot easier and convenient.
  • Binance has equal opportunities for small/big buyers as well as traders.
  • Its app is among the top Bitcoin trading apps that allow users to know or deal with coins anywhere in the world.

2. Changelly


With its tagline ‘Swap Coins Securely’, this exchange has turned out to be an incredibly safe and reliable Bitcoin trading platform. There is no need to deposit cryptocurrencies beforehand; rather, all customers have to do is to mention the type of coin along with its quantity and everything will be good to go.

Changelly then tells the amount of coins they would buy with the purpose of sending them to someone else.

There is no chance of making a wrong move because the process takes its time and responds when conditions are favorable. If the cryptocurrency market is moving fast, the exchange has the ability to adapt its speed accordingly. Customers can lock their rates, without waiting for their deposits to clear.

3. Bittrex

Rated as one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world, Bittrex supports a number of cryptocurrencies just like other platforms. It usually encounters a good volume of trading, particularly in pairs, and let small and big traders/buyers to play their moves.

4. Poloniex


There was a time when Poloniex was among the largest exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies but, due to the inability to handle new sign-ups, it lost the majority of the users. This is when Circle acquired the platform, which is backed by Goldman Sachs, USA’s largest investment bank.

With this move, Poloniex once again got a cutting edge over other exchanges with its unique tactics of trading cryptocurrency and managed to grab a significant portion of the market like before.

General Trading Tips for Beginners

Even after getting to know about top cryptocurrency trading platforms, many traders are still not sure of how to start Bitcoin trading. Rather, it’s the time to learn a few trade Bitcoin tips be it related to understanding Bitcoin or any other coin.

general trading tips for beginners

There is always the need for acquiring appropriate skills to start to trade Bitcoin without experiencing huge losses.

1. Minimize losses: While trading Bitcoin, take help from stop losses and creating exit strategies meanwhile to respond according to the situation.
2. Use margin: Most of the exchanges allow traders to employ margin trading, whose responsibility is to encourage trading Bitcoin in a greater amount than they usually have. The rate of gains and losses is significantly similar so, it’s recommended to use margin responsibly.
3. Learn programmatic strategies: Understanding of codes can help traders to explore new dimensions in the ways to trade Bitcoin. With the help of a few algorithms, trading Bitcoin on finite parameters would also become easy. They will be able to enjoy different opportunities in the analysis as well as the execution of the trade.
4. Know different tactics/methods: The decision to expand the area of knowledge to Bitcoin trading strategies, methods and utilities can help traders to earn a significant amount of money.
5. Practice trading skills with demo accounts: All exchanges encourage beginners to enroll themselves in demo accounts for trading Bitcoin, especially those dealing in Bitcoin CFD. They help traders to exercise what they have learned so far. With imaginary money, traders can use the Bitcoin trading portal to play and test their skills. This way, they are not only able to figure out how much they have learned but can also try to explore more Bitcoin trading strategy options or skills in order to avoid risks as much as possible.

trading tips for beginners

6. Know the positions: In order to be successful in trading cryptocurrencies, the first and foremost step is to know the right amount of money that should go into a trade. Don’t forget to keep tabs up to a certain size as well.
7. Be updated with technological changes: To be successful when you trade Bitcoin, it is crucial to know about different technological changes in order to enjoy benefits to the fullest. For trading cryptocurrency trader, it is necessary to always be updated with new tools and frameworks being released for their assistance.
8. Read company news: The principle of trading cryptocurrencies has a lot to do with company releases and news. Sending news about one cryptocurrency can play a significant role to determine its pricing for the next few hours or even days. So, in order to take timely decisions, the key is to always know what the company has to say about which asset or activity.
9. Emotions should never affect: Most of the cryptocurrency traders make this mistake of making deals in feelings or emotions. This does not only cause huge losses but may also lead to irrational movements, thereby affecting cryptocurrencies’ performance on the respective platform.
10. Find an experienced broker: As a matter of fact, every person owns a particular Bitcoin trading style and method that they execute to gain benefits. However, if someone doesn’t want to take this risk without an expert’s help, then it is better to either have Bitcoin trading apps or a broker at service. The best approach is to avail Bitcoin CFD to get the desired outcomes.

Bitcoin Trading Glossary

Types of Assets

  • Cryptoasset: Form of a digital token, protected by cryptography and employs blockchain technology. Cryptoasset refers to the token, not the software needed to build it. For instance, the crypto asset for Ethereum is ether (ETH). While in some cases, having to trade Bitcoin, there is a significant difference between the software’s name (capitalized as Bitcoin) whereas, the crypto asset is represented in lowercase form i.e. BTC or Bitcoin.
  • Altcoin: Primarily adopted by Bitcoin maximalists, Altcoin works as a proponent and therefore, has been considered superior as compared to other cryptocurrencies. The term is used to represent other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoins that aren’t BTC by nature.
  • Stable Coin: They are cryptocurrencies that are responsible to keep the price and value stable as opposed to highly volatile digi-currencies.

Types of Cryptoassets

  • Bitcoin: Used by Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time in a white paper, this cryptocurrency has managed to cap the largest portion of the financial market. It primarily works as a digital currency or digital store of value.
  • Ethereum: It is the second-largest digital currency introduced by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 on a white paper. The major aim of Ethereum is to work as a decentralized, global computer, using Turing-complete programming language and smart contracts so that everything can be developed with decentralized Bitcoin trading apps.
  • Litecoin: It is a clone of BTC introduced in 2011 by Charles Lee. It has a larger pool of coins, a different hashing algorithm, and shorter block processing sessions.
  • Bitcoin Cash: Represented as BCH, this cryptocurrency is derived from BTC in 2017. Bitcoin Cash is forked with the aim of increasing the use of a fast, cheap and convenient form of digital cash.
  • Bitcoin SV: This cryptocurrency is forked from BCH in 2018 with the belief of representing Satoshi Nakamoto’s version of BTC more efficiently than other forked versions.

types of cryptoassets

Basic Concepts

To make the experience more satisfactory and fruitful, it is crucial to understand common technical terms being used on the Bitcoin trading sites:

  • Market Order: It is an order that is customized with the aim of executing at the next suitable price available. Upon placing an order, it will be executed automatically relative to the best price possible. This feature has actually brought a lot of ease to trade cryptocurrencies for many traders.
  • Limit Order: It is a complex form of order that needs more details to execute. These orders in cryptocurrency trading usually work on the price execution basis, meaning that they will work only when the asset reaches a certain point. For instance, buying a cryptocurrency for $3,000 means that the limit order will execute as soon as its prices reach $3,000. It is particularly useful for digi-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • Stop Loss: This order is placed in follow-up to an already placed order to trade cryptocurrencies, dictating that if the position goes down up to a certain level, stop the position immediately.
  • Bid: When a buyer is interested in trading cryptocurrency, they make the bid.
  • Ask: It is the price quoted by the seller who wants to sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Spread: It is the gap or difference between the ask price and bid price. If the gap is high, it means that the cryptocurrency market is not moving whereas, if the gap is low, it shows a lot of market activity due to high competition.
  • Volume: It refers to the amount of a cryptocurrency that has been traded within a certain time period.
  • Liquidity: It shows an asset’s ability to be sold or bought. Here, Bitcoin CFD can be of great significance as well.
  • Support: It shows the heavy level of upward pressure from a cryptocurrency, whose responsibility is to stabilize it.
  • Resistance: It describes heavy downward pressure or selling in the market.

Best Crypto Trading Bots

best crypto trading bots

It is an auto-cryptocurrency trading software whose responsibility is to assist traders in trading Bitcoin or other coins. Also referred to as a Crypto Robot, it uses complex mechanisms and algorithms to scan the prevailing market conditions, analyze signals and make decisions about cryptocurrencies accordingly. This way, traders rest assured of making profits in one way the other.

As robots, their efficiency is way better than humans’, meaning that they are capable of scanning information more than humans do. This helps them to execute Bitcoin trading plans with the help of Bitcoin CFD more efficiently than before. This bot works by analyzing signals as they enable it to stay ahead of the market, thereby ensuring bigger profits than others.

While there are many bots available for traders’ assistance, below are top 3 to try out at least once:

1. Bitcoin Loophole

bitcoin loophole software

Also known as Secret Bitcoin Loophole, this is a fully-automated Bitcoin trading software that yields incredible results. Its highly advanced, accurate and quality algorithm enables traders to learn the basics of Bitcoin trading. This Loophole allows traders to trade around the clock with world’ one of the best Bitcoin apps and get access to the online bot with no charges.

The best of all, there is no need to carry out additional downloads; everything is already available and is quite straightforward. The software efficiently answers the question of how to trade Bitcoin with its compatible operating system. It can work on desktops, laptops as well as mobile phones, irrespective of where the trader goes or uses it.

The Bitcoin Loophole also facilitates traders to shift from manual to automatic mode along with letting them utilize Bitcoin CFD in the case to minimize risk. In the automated mode, the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies is opened automatically based on the parameters by the system, meaning that there is no need for traders to be around to make profits. Apart from this, the Loophole has the following features:

  • Demo account
  • Transparency
  • Daily signals
  • User-friendly interface
  • Safety and security
  • Good track record

2. Bitcoin Trader

bitcoin trader logo for table

It is a fully automated software, Bitcoin Trader allows people interested in either cryptocurrency or forex to carry out deals. It is free to use and doesn’t require traders to pre-download it. Basically, it offers a web-based Bitcoin trading portal without charging a penny.

The best of all, it encourages manual as well as automated trading with Bitcoin apps and like Bitcoin Loophole, it can work with all operating systems to make Bitcoin trading a breeze.

  • Offers automated trading
  • Contains various trading indicators
  • Optimum privacy and safe
  • Partnered with trusted brokers

3. Bitcoin Code

bitcoin code logo for table

This is an innovative software that prides for having laser accuracy in performance. The software is intended to facilitate cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading with accuracy and effectiveness.

Actually, it has brought a revolution in the trading world as now, youngsters, retired seniors, amateurs and regular people can easily use their Bitcoin trading understanding to gain profits.

What makes this software different from others is its ability to eliminate unwanted fear in terms of privacy invasion or theft. It employs advanced technology and Bitcoin apps to keep traders rest assured about accuracy in their performance.

Its competency lies in locating trade opportunities with great precision. Moreover, it can handle trades on its own no matter if the trader is available or busy somewhere else. Other than that, it is:

  • Suitable for all operating systems;
  • Free to use;
  • Profitable;
  • Legitimate with no hidden fees;
  • 24/7 available for assistance.

How to Trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Loophole?

After understanding Bitcoin Loophole, most of the traders would be interested to try it out. While this platform to trade Bitcoin is easy to use, it still requires basic knowledge about how cryptocurrency trading works. To start from scratch, it requires traders to follow these simple steps:

  • Register as a trader: Find the official website of Loophole and create an account by providing basic information i.e. name, address, age, gender, residential address and most importantly, preferred payment mode. After completing the process, the website will direct to the user interface and waits for the person to start trading.
  • Make a deposit in the account: In order to start trading, the portal asks for working capital. The account holder has to deposit at least $250 to carry out a transaction.
  • Don’t think, just do it: As soon as the person is done with a deposit, it’s time to visit Loophole’s dashboard with the aim to find the ‘Start auto trading’ option. When the person clicks on it, it then allows them to rest assured when it comes to trade Bitcoin hands-free with the help of a highly advanced algorithm. However, if someone doesn’t like this feature, they can shift to manual mode in order to try out their understanding of cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin Loophole has one of the best Bitcoin trading apps that can create a huge difference as it makes Bitcoin trading effortless, no matter where the trader is.

Apart from the fact that there are no charges of trading cryptocurrencies on Loophole, traders have to invest a minimum of $250 in order to make themselves eligible for trading.

The portal allows them to pay through various methods, including debit/credit cards and PayPal. Even, cryptocurrencies such as Ehtereum and Bitcoin cash can also be used for payment.

Once the account has an initial investment, traders can invest after knowing the Bitcoin price to reap profits upon each transaction. Just remember that the more they invest, there will be a greater margin to earn a profit. In other words, there are no limits on investment and traders can also make the decision of selling Bitcoin at any time they want.

How to Trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Trader?

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This software is the perfect guide to know how to trade Bitcoin as it is free of cost. Like Loophole, it also requires at least $250 at the time of opening an account. Once the amount is reflected in the account, the person can start trading right away.

It works just like Loophole and imposes no limits to make trades later on. Upon taking risks and serious decisions to buy cryptocurrencies, traders are able to see incredible outcomes, proportional to the amount invested.

This trading software enables traders to speculate Bitcoin price and earn profits within the same time period as taken for them to create an account. Once they complete registration, the account goes live and allows traders to start cryptocurrency trading right away.

As far as profits are concerned, they will also start rolling to the account almost 30 minutes after the trade, meaning that traders can rest assured about getting returns right away.

This software program employs a complicated, yet useful algorithm that directly interacts with various exchanges across the world. Its three major features/functions for buying and selling Bitcoin are data accessing, collation and interpretation.

Its APIs are also highly structured but can only process relevant data while non-profitable and irrelevant information is filtered out automatically in order to ensure faster delivery of results.

How to Trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Code?

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This platform to trade Bitcoin is one of the easiest of its kind. All beginners have to do is to get themselves registered on the website by filling up the form with all the required information. Once done, the platform offers the privilege to new users by giving access to all features and facilities.

As for the initial deposit, it should be $250 or more. As soon as the account has this amount, the users will be able to trade or buy cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, if there is no capital, be sure not to enjoy any gain! It also lets users use the ‘Auto-Trade’ feature for trading at the right time.