Your Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy To Maximize Profit

Eleven years earlier, in 2008, the whitepaper of Satoshi Nakamoto brought Bitcoin to existence. Bitcoin unexpectedly skyrocketed a decade later and smashed the $1,000 mark.

It then rose to $5,000 and later $10,000 and even to a record high of $20,000. This lit a spark in the investment industry, driving people to exchanges and investment systems like Bitcoin Loophole.

But the unfortunate happened, the sudden crash from this record high to a low of less than $5,000.


That’s why stakeholders have become cautious, it’s now even more difficult to discover a 2019 approach for cryptocurrency trading. But don’t worry, you’ve got one!

So, many stopped investing in digital currencies due to the downtrend, but the digital currency will continue to grow and trust will return.

So before investing in the best cryptocurrency trading strategy for 2019, it is important to evaluate the market and examine what has happened over time in the past few years in the digital currency ecosystem.

Trends in Cryptocurrency 2019


The crypto industry has suffered and been through some uncertainty in the previous years. Many individuals have lost their hard-earned money as a result. There aren’t many people out there who want to continue trading with Cryptocurrency because of that.

Probably, you may not see such a bull trend run like in 2017. Fewer institutional investors are also going to enter the crypto marketing. This is an indication that the crypto market can see enormous profits again at the end of 2019.

So, what is the best strategy to invest in cryptocurrency in 2019?

Crypto Investment Strategy 2019


There were a lot of losses on the Crypto market and so many investors left.

There should be no fear of investing in digital currency. Use the first quarter of the year to figure out everything that had the most possibilities for you about all the cryptocurrency you’re interested in.

Buy small quantities after that and wait to see whether the market is stabilizing.

The best way to get started is to discover an investment strategy for cryptocurrency that fits your requirements and objectives. This crypto guide will offer you options of the many ways cryptocurrencies can be invested in.

So, how are going to invest in digital currency?



Simply put, arbitrage means buying something at a low cost and selling it at a greater cost elsewhere. You may not understand this, but when you purchased something cheaper you’re likely involved in arbitration so you can distribute or sell it later at a greater cost.

Many are involved in and doing fine daily. If you are on different exchanges, you can start checking up on the price differences of a particular coin and start profiting from it through arbitrage.

Transfer the crypto from wallet to wallet. Sell the coin at a greater cost on the other exchange.

Make sure the profit margin is there; else you don’t have any business with arbitrage at all.



You can invest or make some money in Bitcoin and other Altcoins the same manner you invest in the conventional stock market. To HODL is to hold when the price is low and only sell when it is high.

Most traders in cryptocurrency are more into HODL. They hold such coins for the long-term with the intent and the potential to take advantage of the price increase.

This strategy simply encourages investors to buy a digital currency at a very low price and keep for a long period and only sell when the price is high.

HODL has become one of the digital currency slang. Yes, consider it as ‘hold’ spelled wrongly.


Long-term cryptocurrency investment works incredibly well. Imagine you buy a digital currency for as low as $1 and later sell for $20 in less than a year.

But how would you invest in a bear market in cryptocurrency?

Diversifying your investment strategy is the key. Spread out your investment across many cryptocurrencies.

DIVIDEND PAYOUT FROM PASSIVE INCOMEearning-passive-income-from-cryptocurrencies

This happens with some cryptocurrency. The basis here is like the conventional dividend payouts obtained from holding stocks.

Not many traders understand that from some digital currencies they can receive dividends sort of from their portfolio.

Some coins such as NEO Coin or VeChain pay dividends between 5 percent to 10 percent per annum. This simply means holding any of these two will fetch you some income at the end. If the coin price increases over time, you can compound those earnings.

NEO crypto owners, for instance, receive their dividends as GAS. It’s used on the blockchain of NEO as a fuel.

If you want to diversify your trading strategy of cryptocurrency, consider including digital currencies paying dividends in your portfolio.



Airdrops offer you the possibility to receive free coins based on the simple terms that you hold such a coin. Airdrops are when free coins or tokens are distributed to the virtual currency community by a blockchain project.

The good part about Airdrop is that without having to spend, you get free coins.

Airdrops are often known as crypto-freebies in the crypto space.

The primary aim of an Airdrop is to spread crypto assets to individuals to start making use of them. It is important to know that airdrops are similar to hard for but there is a difference here.

With a hard fork, a new digital currency is created from the original but this is not the case with airdrops.



In recent times, this form of investment strategy is very popular. Owing to the high volatility of cryptocurrency, stakeholders are seeing the value in trading robots.

Today, some efficient trading robots are trading for investors while they sleep. The first thing here is finding a reliable trading robot. Do your research as the first step.


The hard fork process is critical to blockchain technology development. To boost its efficiency, each blockchain project requires continual updates. It is much like dividing a digital currency into two.

The number of coins that you receive is dependent on the amount of coins you have in your possession.


When Bitcoin fork takes place and Bitcoin Cash was formed, you’ll automatically get one Bitcoin Cash for every Bitcoin in your wallet.

The only thing you have to do is own as much that cryptocurrency which is going through a fork.



Any Bitcoin transaction between two consumers must be approved before the transaction is added to the public ledger. The blockchain maintains a record of all Bitcoin operations.

Computers that are attached to the blockchain approve these transactions.

To calculate complex equations, these machines must use their energy. These formulas are complex, not only for the human brain, even for the strongest computers.

The complexity of such equations will improve as more Bitcoins are produced. Bitcoins are awarded to the pcs that effectively solve such equations.


You can mine numerous more coins so there’s still an opportunity to get into the frenzy of mining if you want.

Finally, the market for cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. You need a lucrative investment strategy for cryptocurrency to assist you to make some good profit.

Despite the uncertainties seen in the 2018 crypto industry, there is still tremendous potential for blockchain technology.

These are a few strategies to create a cryptocurrency investment plan.

However, it is suggested you do your proper research because there are loads of scams out there in the digital currency market.

Try them to see where they’re leading!

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