High-Frequency Trading & Crypto – Do It With Bots


The cryptocurrency market has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Digital currencies are now accepted for transactions more than ever before. Different countries are now looking in the direction of digital currencies to examine its feasibility as the future of today’s currency. People now freely use bitcoin and other digital currencies as a viable means of carrying out trades. At first, exchanges allow traditional trade with the currency. Later the innovativeness of trading …

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The Dangers of Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin led the way in the digital currency investment world. It is no longer news that there are so many of such digital currencies right now that are also doing quite well and challenging strongly for relevance. But are digital currencies the future of money? What dangers do they pose to the financial world and prospective investors? It is crucial that every investor takes a close look at the dangers. To begin with, if you …

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What Are Initial Coin Offerings?


An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the digital currency environment is a sort of capital-raising exercise. An initial public offering (IPO) in the traditional financial world using cryptocurrencies can be viewed as an ICO. However, this is not the most accurate comparison, as the two fundraising activities have some key distinctions. First and foremost, startups are using an ICO to increase capital. ICOs’ primary benefit is that they prevent intermediaries from the capital-raising process and …

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5 Differences Between Scam And Legit Cryptocurrency Robots


The cryptocurrency world seems unstoppable. Many trades are carried out on a daily basis by experts and amateurs alike. With cryptocurrency trading robots now available, the excitement seems endless and many are enjoying a good ride with their investment. However, all robots are not the same. There are good ones as you have the scam bots. A legit trading robot is backed by reputable individuals while scammers devise a lot of means to defraud people …

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5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies to Use Today!


Some altcoins coins, coins other than Bitcoin, are giving a Bitcoin a good run and challenging strongly for dominance. If you have Apple as the leading stock in the market, the digital currency world is equally awake and giving a good chase to leading financial assets. Already on record are over 1,200 digital currencies that are up for trading. There are different choices to make in the market, making things a bit difficult. If you’re …

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How To Select A Legit Bitcoin Trading Platform


With a high market value of over $700 billion, yet the cryptocurrency market has very little in terms of regulations. Many Bitcoin trading platforms like the Bitcoin Trader are growing very fast but without much attention to the security of investors. This calls for why investors should take their fate in their hands by spotting red flags to choose only reliable Bitcoin trading platforms for their safety. Hacks have been recorded as well as failed …

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The Best Time to Learn About Blockchain is NOW!


To some, they are still skeptical about whether to believe the whole talk about the blockchain technology or not. Others simply go about placing their hard-earned money on the line by trading or mining some cryptocurrency that they really don’t know much about. The majority of people care less about the technology at the heart of the whole development. A lot of investors simply go with the buzz digital about currency to trade on it …

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How to trade Bitcoin – a Beginner’s Guide


There have been numerous new cryptocurrencies in the market. But Bitcoins still have not lost their charm. There are many traders who find Bitcoins to be a no-fail currency. Therefore if you choose Bitcoin trading then know that it is easier than you might imagine. Bitcoin is one of the most commonly available cryptocurrencies. Given that it is already close to a decade since Bitcoin came into existence you would be able to learn from …

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A Beginner’s Guide to CFD Trading


There has been a paradigm shift and people now are more open to trading. The fear of losing it all has gone. People do not just invest in mutual funds as ‘trading’ but also pick individual assets like currencies, cryptocurrencies, oil, gold, and stocks. The core difference between how two traders function could be based on the market and the asset. Trading is often spoken as a very different thing from investment. If you choose …

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The Future is Here: Have You Bought Your Bitcoins Yet?


Investment options come in streams. However, the real challenge lies in choosing the right one for investment. Be it a stock, bond, cryptocurrency or any other commodity, the utmost care and prior research should be carried out before buying them. Bitcoin is trending as the most profitable investment option in the last few years. The characteristics of Bitcoin and its performance in the last decade lures investors and traders to pile up them. Bitcoin trading …

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