What is Security Token Offering (STO)

STO advantages

Once upon a time, it was the ICOs that dominated the airwaves when it comes to fund-raising in the cryptocurrency world. No longer is the story the same in the last couple of years. The days of the STOs are here! Detailed Overview of Security Token Offerings A popular opinion about security token is that it varies from securities. But no because they run on a blockchain, these are technically shares, subject to the same …

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What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)?

what is dao

Technology is continuously changing how we work. Applying the blockchain technology, autonomous systems are gradually coming on board at the workplace. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO, for short, is an organization that can operate entirely without the normal, people-involving management framework. It is an organizational structure that sustains itself and based on smart contracts where users decide their path to the future via election. View the DAO as a machine kind of system that does …

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What’s an Initial Exchange Offering?

initial exchange offering

We live at some of the most interesting and exciting times. This is a period when the whole world is united via the Internet, turning it to somewhat of a global village. You can reach literally anyone across the globe at the click of a button. Even as this connectivity becomes widespread, there is also the need to provide a means for the interacting persons to transact. Well, traditional means like the fiat system have …

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Stellar Lumens Price

stellar lumense price

Launched in 2014, Stellar is a payment protocol based on blockchains. It advertises itself as an open-source distributed payments infrastructure which seeks to create an open worldwide financial network. The overall goal of this project is to connect individuals, institutions, and payment systems. The Stellar team aims at simplifying monetary transactions by making them quicker, cheaper, and highly reliable. The Stellar Lumens, an altcoin based on this platform and hit the news waves at the …

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What’s the Future of Cryptocurrency Adoption?


While digital currency mass adoption may still take a little longer to materialize, the impact of digital currencies around the world is visible. There are several countries today that are truly seeing the benefits of cryptocurrency and are willing to take the’ risk’ while others are yet undecided on the next move for them. In the crypto sphere, the phrase “mass adoption” has been a popular topic, probably since the creation of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, however, …

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Facebook Libra vs. Bitcoin


Digital transactions have been talked about for quite some time now. Amongst these, the most searched and looked for are the cryptocurrencies. They involve the application of the blockchain technology for carrying out peer to peer transactions. The system is simple, easy to use and can be used from almost anywhere in the world. With the emergence of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency every other company began to look for dealing with these. Currently, there …

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Libra – Facebook’s Novel New Cryptocurrency


This is the age of immense digitalization. From social circle to food ordering, from banking to shopping, everything is now digital. The amount of digital penetration has opened up newer payment processing platforms. While the traditional yet widely used cards or other forms of electronic payments have been quite well accepted, today cryptocurrency is also gathering attention. Cryptocurrencies are another form of digital currencies that are centralized or decentralized, allow person-to-person transactions using the amazing …

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4 Biggest Trading Mistakes Crypto Newbies Make

Trading (trading on the exchange with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin) is a sort of activity that requires work to derive profits from the trading process. As in any different kind of activity, in trading, it is vital to develop specific characteristics necessary for achieving high proficiency, in particular, a rational mind and attentiveness. Many come to the crypto-exchange, expecting to earn on a difference in the exchange rate instantly with minimum effort. However, reality makes its …

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Investing in Bitcoin


It is after the year 2017, with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin gaining in importance and popularity; people wish to invest in the market, trade it using systems like Bitcoin Billionaire. But they are still not sure how are they supposed to do this. For someone just growing interest in cryptocurrencies, there’s the inquest of what to buy and when to buy it. Putting everything you wish to invest in a single entity at one time …

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Best Forex Brokers 2019

best forex brokers

On This Page You Will Find: What are Forex Brokers? Best UK Forex Brokers Top AU and NZ Forex Brokers Forex Brokers for Advanced Traders Cheap / Low Fee Forex Brokers Paypal Forex Brokers High-Leverage Forex Brokers Straight-through-Processing (STP) Trading Platforms Forex Bonuses Offered By Brokers What Are Forex Brokers? Forex trading or foreign exchange trading is referred to as a process where investors used to buy or sell currencies across the world. Like there …

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