The Bitcoin Price Graph Then and Now


Whether it’s 2014 or 2019, it doesn’t matter. Bitcoin is now the only digital currency that everyone talks about and is interested in. It is the instrument that many uses to monitor the digital currency market. The cost of Bitcoin continues to dominate public discussion from the peaks of 2018 to the very lows of 2019. Just look at any crypto news resource, major news sites and you’ll see all sorts of news and speculation …

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Bitcoin: What Gives It Its Value?


Many have no doubt that Bitcoin has value. And if it’s worth it, it’s difficult not to ask how much a Bitcoin might be worth. There are two primary theories used to calculate one Bitcoin’s probable value. The very first theorizes that Bitcoin, perceived by some as a better utility than gold, could end up completely replacing gold as a valuable product. If gold were to be completely replaced, one Bitcoin might be valued $357,000. …

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Top Cryptocurrency List 2019


The last couple of years have been glorious years for virtual currencies as their market cap increased from around $18bn in January 2017 to $800bn in January 2018. That drove millions of people to the industry. They traded it on the exchange, used systems like Bitcoin Loophole to leverage the price-changes, and many were excited they were about to get rich. Unfortunately, after that, there was a big adjustment as nearly all of the top …

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How Prepared Are You For The Next Bitcoin Bubble?


Bitcoin and the vast majority of the virtual currency market are yet again surrounded by bullish feeling and excitement as the leading digital currency by market cap dusts off and picks up after an 85 percent drop over the past two years. The recent rise in the price of Bitcoin in 2019 to reach over $10,000 is a sign that a bubble is underway. According to various data monitored on CoinMarketCap within July 2019, it …

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Reasons and How Cryptocurrency Price Change


An obvious reason for the rapid change in the price of digital currencies can’t be taken away from the fact that the system is still fairly new. There is no doubt that many individuals are yet to come to terms with the cryptocurrency and blockchain phrases. The first point of consideration is that digital currency prices are not controlled artificially in most cases, some variables cause the changes. Many have had cause to debates on …

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What Exactly Should Investors Know About Cryptocurrency?


Digital currency does not involve any physical bill – it’s all online. This means you can’t treat cryptos the same way the conventional currencies are handled. But the lucrative prospects of crypto assets have tempted many to start trading Bitcoin or Altcoins, either on exchanges or using investment platforms like Bitcoin Loophole. As a new investor or about getting your hands wet with the newfound payment system, here are some vital points you need to …

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COINBASE: What Is It And How Do You Use It?


For several reasons, cryptocurrencies are going through a time of unprecedented interest and speculation. First, Bitcoin’s importance has continuously increased through 2017, with Ether ready to overtake the digital currency any day. Secondly, Blockchain technology has aims beyond cryptocurrency, and has been welcomed by some as the cornerstone of the future financial system. And finally, growing numbers of individuals are now seeing cryptocurrency as a type of gold-like investment that has a good promise to …

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3 Reasons Decentralized Exchanges Should Be Of Interest


Blockchain can behave as a powerful equalizing force for the globe through a peer-to-peer connection. It gives users equal benefits to use the facility. Decentralized exchange infrastructure will play a pivotal role in speeding up transitions with a financial system where individuals can transact directly, peer-to-peer, without the need for intermediaries. However, for insufficient knowledge and technical know-how of the blockchain technology, exchanges provided a good ground for the ordinary users to bypass the technical …

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Your Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy To Maximize Profit


Eleven years earlier, in 2008, the whitepaper of Satoshi Nakamoto brought Bitcoin to existence. Bitcoin unexpectedly skyrocketed a decade later and smashed the $1,000 mark. It then rose to $5,000 and later $10,000 and even to a record high of $20,000. This lit a spark in the investment industry, driving people to exchanges and investment systems like Bitcoin Loophole. But the unfortunate happened, the sudden crash from this record high to a low of less …

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Pros & Cons of Participating in ICOs


An ICO is an Initial offer of coins. A coin is a token that represents some utility. Before a project is launched, ICOs are used to build the product stipulated in the white paper. ICOs are open to anyone as long as they are legally entitled to participate per the laws they are required to follow. Sometimes an ICO is also referred to as an ITO (Initial Token Offering) Most ICOs have one or more …

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