Bitcoin In The Middle of Price Instability

Unstable prices for Bitcoin had recorded for this past few days.  Reports had stated that this instability is caused by global economic factors that affects the stock markets and trading companies worldwide. The rapid price drop started last March 28 and the prices continuous to move up and declines at the same time. This push and pull in the prices gives queries to investors worldwide. The status of Bitcoin prices as of today is quiet …

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Bitcoin Experiences Price Movement

how to trade bitcoins in 2019

Bitcoin trade had gained popularity in the world of investment in this past months. Recording all time high data searches in social networking platforms and search engines, amid the pandemic outbreak that is happening worldwide. Having positive feedbacks and continued high sign-up rate in online trading platforms, bitcoin had experienced a price drop recorded on March 28 of this month. Reports had stated that that the correction on the price is about nine percent. A …

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Financial Crisis 2020: Bitcoin’s Coming of Age

difference between tradinг bitcoin and buying bitcoin

The 2008 financial crisis was the reason for the emergence of Bitcoin in the global economy. As a cryptocurrency that was born from a crisis, Dan Morehead, CEO and Founder of Pantera Capital predicted that Bitcoin will come of age during this present financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic to the global economy. Bitcoin Sets to Rise Morehead stated that through this present financial crisis in the global economy, Bitcoin could possibly set a …

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BitBay Faces Outage as COVID-19 Encourages Digital Assets


BitBay, a Polish cryptocurrency platform, faces an outage as trade volume rises following heightened quarantines and lockdowns. Europeans consider cryptocurrency an alternative in the trade as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The firm reported a surge in the crypto trade in March. Reports showed that there is a chance for bitcoins to be used as a significant mode of trade as governments all around the globe showed interest in the digital asset in their contingency plans.   …

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A Crises is an Opportunity for China


The coronavirus pandemic is shaking the world economy. With this situation, the central banks from around the world are cutting interests to zero and are making aggressive actions toward to the decline of the global economy. This present situation of the global economy does not affect China’s central bank in speeding up its central bank digital currency (CBDC) plan. Why Digital Currency? Digital currency is a payment method which occurs only in electronic form and …

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Blockchain Technology Enters The Medical Scene Due to Global Pandemic


The world is facing a great threat against humanity that affects the worldwide population. This pandemic outbreak brings panic and worry to everyone. With this great threat on hand, governments imposed series of lockdowns and quarantines in their respective locations. Making the internet and media platforms the only connection of everyone to the world. Providing updates and reports about this COVID-19 outbreak. Mainly people are interested in the aspect of who are affected by this …

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Digital Dollar on Covid-19 Relief Bill Divides US Congress


US representatives presented different versions of a bill that allocates funds as the government prepares and responds to the damages brought by the covid-19 pandemic to the American citizens and the economy. There are sightings of definitions for terms related to the “digital dollar” on the first versions of the bill, but they were scrubbed on House Democrats’ latest version of the bill. Bills Defining Digital Dollar Last week, lawmakers presented the Take Responsibility for …

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Microsoft, ICE’s $300M Boosts Bakkt Crypto Exchange During Crisis

Bakkt, an international Exchange-backed bitcoin and crypto platform, revealed their plans to collaborate with tech giant Microsoft and coffee chain leader Starbucks in institutionalizing investors and in advertising crypto spending in the global market. Bakkt touted to be a significant turning point in the evolution and uptake of cryptocurrency for the traditional and institutional investors and has raked in $300M from Microsoft and other latter parent companies amid the massive global market crisis and the …

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Bitcoin Halving 2020 Takes Place After 50 Days

The countdown is on for one of the most anticipated events in the Bitcoin market.  The Bitcoin (BTC) block reward having lights hope to miners as economic downfall caused by the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) strikes fear to global economies.  Bitcoin halving last happened in 2016 and is expected this May 13. What is Bitcoin Having? Coindesk reported that the block rewards, the number of bitcoins entering the circulation every minute, will drop from 12.5 …

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Huobi Succeeds with Expanding Its Operations Into Thailand


Huobi continuous its efforts to establish itself as one of the best exchanges on a global level. Its latest step was the establishment of Huobi Thailand. The exchange is powered by the Huobi Cloud platform and caters to the investment needs of the local market. For that purpose, it has been licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Finance and will enter the market with the top cryptocurrencies and stable coins. Huobi Thailand managed to acquire the …

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