Affluent Exchanges Hold The Low Trading Volume Of Just 5%



A recent report on Crypto Exchanges published on 21st August, states that the low graded-or the doubtful Crypto Exchanges has a potential high-trading volume in the global market. We’re here at Top10BitcoinRobots to discuss that.

In the report, the exchanges with D-E grades are having 64% of global Crypto Trading volume of about 316 billion $, whereas, the exchanges with AA grades hold a low volume of about 5% which amounts to 31 billion dollars.

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Affluent Exchanges Observed a Growing Percentage of Shares

CryptoCompare analysts say “Low graded Crypto Currencies are going to expand shortly, though it is not that brutal as it has its benefits”.

In comparison to the trading volume of June and July, the AA & A-rated Crypto Exchanges have shown a 29% & 10% rise in the volume and the E graded exchanges have shown a 142 $ billion that is 20% decline in trading.

On an overall basis, the statistics present an increase of 4.4% trading volume in the AA to B graded exchanges, while the exchanges with grades from C to F show a partial rise of 0.7% in trading volume.

Trade analysis

All the doubtful exchange platforms are graded between C to F. The prominent exchanges namely Coinsbit, Lbank, and CoinBene observe average trading of 1.6, 3.7 & 1.1 BTC.

LBank in comparison to Coinbase, an AA graded exchange showed a 15 times higher trade. The daily trading in both the exchanges is about 100, 000 in Coinbase and 25,000 in Lbank.

The average highest trade count belongs to the AA to B graded exchanges namely Liquid, OKEx, Binance, and Bitflyer. They undergo trading of 400,000 trades in a day for Liquid and 300,000 daily trades for Binance.

Evaluation of Fictional Facts

In recent conditions, the awareness of untrusted trading exchanges, market manipulation strategies and unreal trading volumes have been increased, which has bordered the prevailing methods of imitation and wash trading.

In a report issued by Bitwise Asset Management, the 95% trading volume of Bitcoin is fabricated by wash trading examined on data aggregator of CoinMarketCap.

And as per to latest updates CMC has given an ultimatum to all the global exchanges to disclose their trading information comprising data, volume and other required data with honesty.