Apple Found Crypto As An Interesting Durable Investment


After Facebook and its announcement about the Libra cryptocurrency, it’s now Apple who is showing some interest in the Crypto market. In a recent event at San Francisco, the vice president of apple pay, Jennifer Bailey had a conversation with CNN Business. She told that the company is analyzing cryptocurrencies.

Possibly these comments were based on the company’s recent diversion towards consumable finance products. Recently Apple has launched it’s Apple card which is a credit card, made with top payment giants MasterCard and Goldman Sachs. In case these things came out to be true, crypto will frame a strong base for the upcoming digital finance world.

This has opened a new exciting thing for investors on exchanges and platforms like Bitcoin Loophole to look forward to.

Apple representative has made a gesture towards the companies thought of making Bitcoin a part of their future payments. In the conversation, Bailey even added the awareness and positive thoughts of the company for the crypto market.

Her statement gave a little sight of companies’ broader approach towards Bitcoin and it’s inclusion in the tech company. In concern to the capitalization of apple and Bitcoin, the tech company is 5 times ahead with total market capitalization at $188 billion.

However one cannot do a lot of guesswork from the CEO’s statement. The statement leaves a riddle for analysts, as apple might open doors for Bitcoin or just close it hard. Though, there have been many mobile companies that have incorporated crypto wallets in their system.

Exodus 1 by HTC, comes with a “secure enclave” meant to keep all other apps away from the crypto holdings present on the device. Even Samsung has recently introduced a smartphone with block-chain applicability known as a paywall.

The Samsung device is Galaxy Note 10, which has some crypto cobranding concerning Klaytn. Klaytn is a blockchain platform from South Korea. The apple card launched in august is available in the apple pay wallet.

Though the card does not support the use of cryptocurrency, Apple may bring its blockchain-based platform for the usage of existing cryptocurrencies. The tech giant is not planning to create its cryptocurrency, like Facebook.

If the platform will be launched, it will be on the similar communication technology standards to that of Apple pay and the technology used for wireless charging.