bitFlyer’s European and US Customer Base to Explore Trading in New Coins


bitFlyer, which is a crypto exchange based in Tokyo, is all set to add 5 new altcoins at its European and US exchange platforms. This is another clear sign that Japan is truly into the cryptocurrency industry.

Europe & US Platforms to Get 5 & 3 New Additions Respectively

The announcement was made on 23rd September, saying that bitFlyer is all set to add five new trade offerings for its platform in Europe and 3 new altcoins at its platform in the US. The five altcoins are (ETC) Etherum Classic, (BCH) Bitcoin Cash, (LSK) Lisk, (LTC) Litecoin and (MONA) Monacoin. Out of these coins, the US customers will be able to make transactions in ETC, BCH, and LTC.

In the current scenario, the rankings of the following coins are Bitcoin Cash with 4th position, Litecoin at 5th position and Etherum Classic at 20th position. These rankings are based on the data of the top 20 crypto coins according to their market capitalization.

Monacoin and Lisk do not have a great market capitalization, which makes them least available in the European market. Though after bitFlyer’s move, possibly these coins will be able to build a potential market in Europe.

BitFlyer also told that their Japanese customers were trading with these coins for a long time. They added that the performance of these coins in Japan made them add coins for their European and US customers. These are indeed some of the most popular coins people trade using investment solutions and automated platforms like Bitcoin Loophole.

In the words of Andy Bryant, who is the Co-head of bitFlyer’s platform in Europe: The addition of new altcoins will certainly increase the prospects of buying and selling done by the customers, giving them immediate access to most volatile altcoins of all times.

He added that their experience in Japan has trained them to offer similar services like speed, transparency, and simplicity they had offered for trading in Etherum and Bitcoin.

bitFlyer Enters into Real Estate Business & Has a Bitcoin Loyalty Program Too

The recent news reports say, that along with TPoint Japan which is a technology service company, bitFlyer is all set to offer Bitcoin Loyalty Exchange Program, which will offer rewards on payments done in crypto along with points for bitcoin to their local customers.

According to reports, another deal has taken place between the giant Sumitomo Corporation and bitFlyer’s sister company under which they are set to introduce real estate business derived from blockchain technology. In words of Yuzo Kano, who is the MD of bitFlyer Blockchain, the project aims to allow rental parties easy access to the procedures right from their smartphones.