Etherum Classic Adds the Atlantis Hard Fork To Improve Functionality


The technical department of (ETC) Etherum Classic has finally launched the Atlantis Hardfork, to improvise the utility and compatibility of altcoin with Etherum. This will further enrich the Altcoin market, throwing in more and more competitors for Bitcoin to wade ahead.

But you know what that means? It is clear that the cryptocurrency trading industry will only continue to grow.

The news was officially announced on 12th September, via a Twitter post done by the Developer’s Relation Director, Yaz Khoury. In his tweet, Khoury congratulated the development team on the successful implementation of the project.

He even says that the project has to go through a lot of discussions and consents including the process of convincing political parties with the utility and applicability of a distributed and decentralized community. The upgrade is a great step to indulge efficiency.

Despite the furor of Facebook announcing their own cryptocurrency, it seems already established crypto assets are the once stealing the spotlight. Especially with all the regulations worries surrounding the release of the social media payment asset.

Well Executed Plan

ETC had already decided the timing under which Atlantis hard fork was about to be launched. Though as per amendments in the plan it had operated between 12th to 13th September. The height of blockchain at that time was 8, 772, 000.

As per the available information, the company told there have been multiple meetings done to decide the timing, involvement, and scope of the Atlantis release. As of June the meetings also concluded concerning the timings and direction of launch for Atlantis.

The upgrade which is called Atlantis hard fork is majorly oriented to focus on the community’s concerns and improve safety for every user. The term no rush update is been given to the hard fork, as it will ensure the functionality of ETC with Etherum and also with some more related blockchains.

According to reports shared in June, the hard fork was about to be launched when blockchain is at 8.75 million that could probably happen by 15 September.

Though, the update got incorporated at a higher block number, before the date and during the week, so that number of users can do transactions that will bring out the flaws of the update if found any.

Appreciation & Support From Other Blockchain Platforms

After the public announcement of Atlantis hard fork, many blockchain exchanges including Okex and Bitfinex has shown their support to the upgrade.

Okex has shown their support on 10 September, also announcing that they are going to deal with the technical defaults and issues of the upgrade once the main network of ETC is stabilized. Also, Bitfinex agreed that they are in favor of Atlantis.

These are simply more and more exciting news for investors around the globe. The future of the Atlantis hard fork is yet to be seen but it will most certainly be exciting, especially for online traders and the opportunities they have on their investment platforms.