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RobotCrypto Group
Official Website
Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Open FREE DemoOpen FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, SWIFT
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score5/5


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Is Crypto Group Legit?

In short – Yes! Our team can confirm that Crypto Group is not a scam. Owing to its proven results, users find this software to be effective and genuine product. The software is deemed to be a good one and has won global recognition from investors as a leading Bitcoin trading platform such as Profit Revolution system or the well known Bitcoin Evolution software.

Considering its efficiency rate that is very high, the reliability cannot be faulted. Real users have also given their testimonies about the software as an effective tool people can use for their trade.

Is Crypto Group a Scam? The Verdict!

  1. 👉1. CryptoGroup claims to have around 92% success rate in some cases, meaning that out of 10 trades, around 9 of them would be accurate.
  2. 👉2. Because Crypto Trading involves a high risk we recommend to start with the minimum investment of $250.
  3. 👉3. Top10BitcoinRobots team has investigated this software online and can confirm it is a legit software.
  4. 👉4.  Try Crypto Group software now through this link or read further to learn more.

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Crypto Group Interesting Facts

The growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have kept people wondering about this new way to now store value. Many smart groups have taken advantage of and are benefiting from trading these digital currencies.

All of a sudden the world is now looking in the direction of Bitcoin by giving the creation some credibility than they have in the past. The development is also seeing some regulations and control including stability measures. Is Bitcoin the money of the future and are you trading the digital currency to get involved?

If you aren’t trading Bitcoin already, you’re not alone. There is always time to get started. You can start living the life you want to live if you take the necessary steps and follow the paths others have gone to succeed.

In my CryptoGroup Review, I try as much to expose the secrets behind this tool. You’ll get to know the superior technology that makes it efficient and how easy it is to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with it. Continue reading.

Why Trading with Crypto Group?

Many have enjoyed success with trading Bitcoin. The interesting part of this is that most of the individuals are not experts. They are everyday people like you and me. If going along with the trend is the driving force of the getting age, the development of the digital currency is great to align with for profit.

Why do you many before now skeptical investors queuing up behind digital currencies? The obvious answer is they have overcome the earlier fears about the sustainability of the currency.

They are now ardent believers of Bitcoin and other digital currencies because they have seen the stability around them. Governments of different countries are equally looking in the direction of digital currencies. who doesn’t want to cut down huge annual spendings?


4 Reasons Why to Choose Crypto Group

👍1. The software has a demo account and you can experience trading without investing any money.

👍2. It is a relatively new software and therefore has an upgraded algorithm

👍3. Great assistance from the expert advisors

👍4. Various payment methods supported (Visa, Bitcoin, e-wallets)



Would you rather be left out in this golden opportunity to get out of that financial mess you’re in? Getting the right tool will be a hurdle you may have to cross. More than half of the problem on how to make a good profit with Bitcoin is solved that way.

It is easy to trade if that’s what you’re still trying to figure out as a newbie. You have the automated option that helps you with the trade using a robot. And if you’re the expert and would want to give a try to the manual option, you’re free to choose which of the two suits you the most.

Even if you’re the pro, it’s sure you’re going to have a good time trading using the bot option because it simplifies everything about the trading and keeps watch over the market for you when you are asleep.

You know what that means, don’t you? Bitcoin and other crypto are very unstable and can change very quickly when you least expect them to.

Bots are very fast and can detect changes and profitable signals to place a trade when required. This makes them more reliable than humans. This is the reason why considering CryptoGroup won’t be a bad one.

Crypto Group Ratings

Crypto Group

Name: Crypto Group

Description: The CryptoGroup, on one hand, may be considered software and on the other hand, a group created exclusively for individuals who jump on the good returns that come from Bitcoin.

Application Category: Investing

  • User-friendly
  • Demo
  • Support
  • Features


Many people have earned big by trading with CryptoGroup. The power behind this is the sophisticated programming features that make it stand out. CryptoGroup is a legitimate software device.


  • You can do automatic trading
  • There is an option to switch back to manual trading
  • High performing trading software


  • Offline accessibility is not yet enabled.

What Exactly is Crypto Group?

The CryptoGroup, on one hand, may be considered software and on the other hand, a group created exclusively for individuals who jump on the good returns that come from Bitcoin.

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The members have made good money trading Bitcoin. It takes their laptops and internet connection to make that much with cryptocurrency trading. They spend just a few minutes of their time.

Bitcoin trading software is not difficult to use. Whether you’re just beginning with digital currency doesn’t really matter. You can join the group immediately and start earning in earnest.

Who is Crypto Group for?

If you desire to be a Bitcoin trader or generally trade cryptocurrency, CryptoGroup is made with you in mind. It is meant for every interested and motivated individual.

This software is suitable for:

  1. ➡️Professional Bitcoin Traders
  2. ➡️Full time workers without much experience in trading
  3. ➡️People who can work from home

Like mentioned, you need not be a professional Bitcoin trader to join. The automated system that uses a trading robot is designed for you if you’re not.

All that qualifies you to be part of the trading group is the will and a little investment that you’ll have to make on your part.

How Does the CryptoGroup Work?

The CryptoGroup software uses an advanced algorithm for effective results. Owing to its superior technology, the application is able to connect with exchanges all over the world, collect data, and analyze it to place profitable trades.

At the time appropriate, the software places a sell or buy order by reacting to favorable trading signals. The algorithm that guides the CryptoGroup software is controlled by a set of rules that performs various trade actions. They are advanced and developed by programmers who know exactly what they are up to.

How to Start Trading on the CryptoGroup?


Joining Crypto Group works as quickly and easily as it does with other of the top investment systems. It is a 4-step process in which you have to fill out a form with your basic details and fund your newly opened account so that the bot hopefully starts earning profits for you.

Complete these 4 simple steps and start trading:

Step #1: Registering

It is free to sign up for Crypto Group. Simply click here and fill out the registration form you’re taken to. Only very basic details like name, phone, and email are needed.


You’ll receive a confirmation email that will take you to the next step and your account’s verification.

Step #2: Account Verification

Once you follow through the confirmation email, you’ll be able to verify your account. When that happens, Crypto Group will inform you that your account has been linked to a broker.

trading account

The brokers integrated with Crypto Group are trusted, high-quality, and specifically chosen for the trading portfolios they offer you. To start trading with their assets through the bot, you’ll be prompted to fund your account.

Step #3: Account Funding

When you choose to deposit, you’ll be taken to a secure page where you’ll be able to choose a deposit method and add funds to your trading balance. Some of the payment options are:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Maestro;
  • Neteller.

payment options

These options might vary depending on where you’re located. Thus, the maximum amount you can deposit would depend on the method you choose. But the minimum deposit is $250. We recommend you to start with it and master Crypto Group before depositing more.

By reinvesting the earnings the bot can start making once you deposit, you’ll be able to grow your balance naturally and develop skills to make more profits!

Step #4: Account Adjustments

The last step is to tell Crypto Group how to trade. You’ll notice that apart from Ethereum and Bitcoin, the robot allows you to trade lots of other and different investment assets and cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Litecoin, etc.

trading account

It’s truly easy to adjust settings like the stop-loss limit, the daily trades to be placed, assets to be traded, and investment per trade. You can do these on your own or contact your account manager to help you.

All that’s left is to start the auto-trading operations of the system. Or you can choose to do it manually, but most investors select the automated option. It lets Crypto Group run its sophisticated operations and earn for you!

IMPORTANT: Crypto Group Accounts are subject to availability. The software can only accept a limited number of new clients per day because the software needs to adapt to the volumes. If there are no spots left for April,2020 your application will be rolled for the next month. The best advice we can give you is to visit the Crypto Group Official Site and save your spot today even if you plan to use it later.

What Are the Core Features of CryptoGroup?

#1. Manual and automated trading options

Using CryptoGroup trading software, you can decide for either of the two trading options. People’s favorite is usually the bot trading option because it makes the whole process effortless. You don’t have to do anything serious to start trading with the robots, just click trade and things get started. Experts will enjoy free time with the manual option.

#2. High level of Security

CryptoGroup trading software is well secured with an SSL certificate that gives users protection against hackers and malicious software. Make sure the HTTPS and a lock precede the URL of the platform.

#3. Laser-accurate Performance

CryptoGroup performs at a high level of accuracy. A 95.4% performance is surely a good one for any trading platform to rank high. This gives the reason the creators are optimistic their users have strong confidence in them to be able to triple, double or quadruple their capital when trading with the software.

#4. Superior Technology

The development of CryptoGroup software comes from one of the foremost cutting edge technologies in the world. The creators put it that it leads the market by as much as 0.01 seconds. If you’re conversant with anything that has to do with trading, this definitely stands out as one of the best tools out there. The ‘time leap’ is where it cuts it as an application that is to be reckoned with.


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How Much Should You Invest Initially?

Your becoming a member of the CryptoGroup is free after your registration. To start trading, you need to make an initial deposit of $250. This will reflect in your trading account once the deposit is made.

The profit you make is dependent on this deposit. If you are able to increase your capital base later, the more the profit you should expect to make on every trade you place.

👉1. Start Small. We recommend depositing the minimum required capital which is $250 or the equivalent in other currency. If you start making profits then you can think of depositing more.

👉2. Withdraw Your Profits. Constantly check your account balance and withdraw your profits.

👉3. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Because financial and crypto markets are highly volatile you must never invest more than you can afford to lose.

👉4. Follow Expert’s Advice. Use the power of Internet to get more information about trading strategies of advanced investors. You can find such on Youtube, Google or other sources.

How Soon Can You Begin Earning with CryptoGroup?

The cryptocurrency market swings in different directions very quickly. Trading solutions that are reputable make profits based on this volatility feature. This also means profits can be made when there is a price fall or a rise in price.

You can start making a profit from your deposit almost immediately when the trade begins. The volatility of the crypto market is what accounts for this and it isn’t anything strange to have this happening.




Is CryptoGroup a Scam?

Crypto Group has been developed to help users realizing income by trading cryptocurrencies online. There have been claims online about Crypto Group being a scam. You can, however, read in-depth information on this topic in our review.

How Much Money Can I Make with Crypto Group?

The main reason behind the creation of Crypto Group was making profits by trading online. During our research we have found interesting facts on this matter. You can see our in-depth review before investing in this system.

What is The Minimum Deposit Required to Start Trading with Crypto Group?

Crypto Group Trading Robot is completely Free to Sign-up. You can use the Demo Trading Feature to see the trading environment and decide how to proceed further. If you would like to access the live market and place real trades there is a minimum deposit of $250 which you can use as a trading capital.

Does Crypto Group Have a Customer Support?

Yes. Crypto Group has a customer support team which seems to be pretty friendly and fast. When we tried to contact them they replied in less than 30 minutes and were cooperative and professional. You can contact them via email or live chat.



Crypto Group is a Legit trading solution. Many people have earned big by trading with CryptoGroup. The power behind this is the sophisticated programming features that make it stand out. CryptoGroup is a legitimate software device.

You can trade on the platform with confidence and boost your income generation exponentially with time when you join.



RobotCrypto Group
Official Website
Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Open FREE DemoOpen FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, SWIFT
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score5/5